Real Estate Additional Membership


Real Estate Additional Member Application:

The Real Estate Additional Member is an employee representative of their organization who wants to grow in the Commercial Real Estate profession. There can be numerous Real Estate Additional Members, Real Estate Emerging Professional Members, and/or Real Estate Engineer Members from the same organization; however, there can be only one Real Estate Principal Member, as the main decision-maker for BOMA-related issues, representing each organization.

This Membership Application is to apply for a new Real Estate Additional Member; thus, in order to apply for this Membership Type, your organization must already have a Real Estate Principal Member of BOMA Greater Dallas.

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Real Estate Industry - Additional Members of a Company. Companies are allowed "Additional Members," as long as there is a Primary Member in good standing. Real Estate Members can have unlimited Additional Members under the "Principal Member."

Real Estate Membership is designated for those individuals, firms, or corporations who own, manage, lease, or act as a brokerage agent for a commercial, non-residential property of the corporation.

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